TOWER System

One of the main drawbacks of using reusable temperature-controlled packaging solutions is you normally have to pay to bring them back to the originating station, increasing shipping costs sometimes to the point where the system becomes financially unviable, even though the temperature compliance may be far superior.

To combat this Pharmafreight has entered into a joint venture with Kryotrans to offer a one-way rental service for the Kryotrans range of products. The service, called TOWER – The One Way Easy Rental – is currently available between the UK and USA and vice versa, although this is expanding to hubs in Northern Europe and also South America.

The service basically allows you to pick up or send a fully conditioned unit to the US, have the product delivered to your customer there, and we will then take the empty unit away and return it to one of our US hubs in New York or Los Angeles with no return fees back to the UK, dramatically reducing associated shipping costs. And the service works from the USA back to the UK too.

Kryotrans currently offer three sizes of units, namely the KT26, KT70 and KT400, offering pack-outs for frozen, fridge and temperate products. The temperature compliance for the units is at least five days plus. For further information on these units please contact us at