Our Preferred Carriers

Pharmafreight is engaged in the processes involved in moving pharmaceuticals from one location to another, generally involving two different countries, all under  Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Its daily business involves the use of a varying number of contracted carriers, such as warehouses, customs agents, airlines, shipping lines and road freight operators. Pharmafreight is contracted to move consignments of pharmaceuticals from one named place to the next, identifying all risks en route, working to combat and minimise any risks identified, and deliver product to its international destination without any alteration to its characteristics.

To ensure correct execution of this process Pharmafreight only works with selected critical product suppliers or preferred carriers. Such carriers are chosen on their commitment and own product portfolio relating to the efficient handling of pharmaceutical products and awareness of GDP.

The performance of critical product suppliers is reviewed in terms of quality, quantity, on time delivery, and [where relevant] certification. Legacy suppliers have been approved by their past performance. Where possible an audit is carried out at the premises of the potential supplier being used.

Examples of preferred airline carriers are:

British Airways

Prioritise Service and Constant Climate

Air France KLM

Pharma Variation 2 and 3 products

Lufthansa Cargo

TD Cool Active and Passive