Overseas Home Deliveries

Our direct-to-home service supports an ever-increasing range of therapies and life-saving, critical drugs, which in general get delivered within a 24 hour period – sometimes same day – throughout the world.

We can offer:

  • Dedicated patient coordinators, experienced in patient and client liaison
  • Patients telephoned 48 hours before delivery day where possible
  • Patient approved delivery windows
  • Patient familiarity – we aim to ensure that all your deliveries are made by the same driver
  • Unsuccessful deliveries always kept in correct temperature controlled conditions
  • Specific consignment tracking of delivery times
  • Confidential proof of deliveries for home delivery patients
  • Traceability for product recalls
  • Drivers contactable throughout the day
  • Return service for faulty pumps etc.
  • Dangerous Goods service for packing and shipping of medical ancillaries, such as antiseptic wipes etc.
  • Temperature-controlled packaging available for use
  • Simple, analogue temperature data loggers available for use by patients without access to computers for downloading data
  • International paperwork, e.g. shipping invoices, can by raised by our offices
  • Partnerships with airlines used to ensure consignments fly as booked and no delays for critical shipments