Temperature-controlled packaging

Pharmafreight can offer a number of different temperature-controlled packaging solutions, depending on what a customer’s requirements are. Pharmafreight will undertake a risk assessment on each particular movement and take into consideration the destination, size, product, value, temperature range and mode of transport to ensure it recommends the most suitable type of packing solution for a product.

Pharmafreight holds a stock of disposable +2-8’C, +15 to +25’C and frozen shippers for use, as well as specific solutions already validated for use by customers on specific contracts.

Pharmafreight also has available several reusable solutions, both active and passive, such as the C-Safe, Credo, TOWER and Envirotainer products, available at short notice for use. Pharmafreight offices are all trained in the handling of such solutions.

Our packaging partners include:

Pharmafreight also keeps a stock of various types of data loggers for use, including the Sensitech TT range (www.sensitech.com).