We have a small shipment of cold chain product to be shipped overseas, but do not have a suitable temperature-controlled packaging solution to use. Can Pharmafreight provide one?

Yes. Pharmafreight can offer disposable fridge line and frozen disposable packaging solutions, as well as reusable systems such as Envirotainers and Kryotrans’ for larger or higher-value shipments.

We have pharma products to collect from overseas and also ship abroad, and although they do not require any specific temperature-control, we would like them handled in accordance with GDP. Can Pharmafreight help with such shipments?

Yes. Pharmafreight do not only deal with temperature-controlled shipments. Through our UK office and overseas network of licensed partners, we can ship very small or very large consignments of pharmaceuticals, with or without temperature control, via air road and sea.

Our overseas customer has asked us to deliver to them under the Incoterm DDP, so all local duties and taxes in their country must be billed back to us. Can Pharmafreight offer this service?

Yes. Pharmafreight is very used to offering a DDP service through its overseas partners, meaning we can pay out these duties and taxes on your behalf, and then bill them back to you so your customer gets a complete door to door service, with limited involvement.

We have a consignment to collect from one overseas country, and deliver to another country, with the shipment never coming to the UK. Can Pharmafreight assist with this?

Yes. Pharmafreight offers a cross-trade service, looking after your orders placed on your vendors in different countries, and then drop-shipping to wherever your final customer is. We can also offer a batch number and expiry date checking service, to ensure the correct product is collected and shipped from your suppliers.

We do not have our own stock of temperature data loggers but would like them used in our shipments. Can Pharmafreight supply these?

Yes. We offer several different types of temperature data loggers to suit your specific needs, so you do not need to keep a stock of them.

Is Pharmafreight licensed to transport medicines by the health regulators?

In general terms, freight forwarders are not usually required to have a licence to from a country’s health regulator to transport medicines, unless the product is a controlled drug or something similar. However, in many countries around the world the Pharmafreight operation does hold a GDP licence for storage or re-packing. For exampe, in the UK Pharmafreight has its own MHRA-licensed facility at London Heathrow, and in Switzerland the operation there has a licence from SwissMedic.