European road collection and deliveries service

The vehicles we use all have temperature-control capabilities for use when appropriate, operating within a range of -20°C to +20°C, whatever the ambient temperature. The vehicles have their internal cargo units temperature-mapped before going into service.

All vehicles have Transcan temperature data recorders fitted as standard, taking measurements every 15 minutes, which are calibrated on an annual basis, which is viewed on a Verilocation platform.

Vehicles are all satellite tracked which shows where all vehicles are in real time. For controlled drug movements or high value loads, the vehicles have a remote lock-down system which enables the doors on the vehicle to be locked via an electrical signal, and cannot be opened again until the intended delivery point has been reached. All drivers are trained in defensive driving skills too.

Drivers undertake a GDP training course adapted for drivers, ensuring they all know about how to handle pharmaceuticals, operating independent data loggers, the importance of checking batch numbers and ensuring GDP is complied with at all times.

Pharmafreight vehicles can collect and deliver anywhere in Europe and Scandinavia with very short notice, and demonstrate temperature compliance has been maintained throughout the journey.

To ensure Pharmafreight offers a full portfolio of European services, it also works with a number of approved suppliers offering groupage, temperature-controlled services, for final delivery to your facility, all within documented temperature compliance.